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Welcome to BusyPrompt.com, my online prompt shop where creativity and productivity meet! We’re a small team of quirky individuals (ok, there’s just two of us – for now!) who love nothing more than helping others save time while creating compelling Ai prompts for business and pleasure. My love for great prompts is only surpassed by my passion for providing you with the best service possible.

I was an early adopter of Ai, mostly for content creation for my (many, many) websites. This story began when I noticed how challenging it was for friends with businesses to come up with useful and effective ways to use GPT tools. I’ve had a long career in IT and project management so have produced an awful lot of business documentation (*sigh* – so dull – but not anymore!). From that moment on, our mission was to make prompt creation easy, fun, and affordable.

Amanda - Busy Prompt

When we’re not busy crafting prompts, you can find me in my playground where I write about LLMs, brainstorm new ideas while sipping on coffee. Debating the best puns with my other half, or lurking in antique bookstores. We’re a quirky pair, but we take our work seriously, and we’re passionate about helping others succeed.

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I’m proud to offer a unique solution that help’s any business, worldwide get ahead with Ai. I believe that using this new technology shouldn’t be a luxury, and that’s why our service is priced to fit any budget. Buy one prompt or buy them all!

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